Company Secretary (CS) Exam- Top 10 Tips You Must Know

The Company Secretary (CS) Exam- Top 10 Tips You Must Know while Preparing for the CS Exam.  The Below Shared Company Secretary Tips Will Help you a lot.

Top 10 Company Secretary Tips

Tip 1 :

Attend class regularly.

This is the most important tip which every student has to follow. any student who has taken coaching for ca or cs or any other competitive exam should attend class regularly. Be attentive in the class. Take down the important points, understand the concepts because conception knowledge is very important in such competitive exam.

Company Secretary Tips

Tip 2.

Don’t cram make your own notes

Go home and study sit down and make your own notes. Take a sheet of paper note down the important sessions and also important cases. If it is a practical subject Take a sheet of paper and start writing all the formulas and if necessary make your own charts. This tip will definetly help you during the exam that is just two or three days before the exam and refer the notes. This will be more than enough. Instead of reading the whole text containing 500 to 600 pages it is better to refer this points.

Tip 3.

A Good Time Table go home and prepare a time table.

Plan your strategy, your smart work is very important in making or planning ur strategy. So make sure that you follow the table that is make time table and study accordingly and also set time limits. For example i have to cover this topics in a hour or i have to cover this chapters in 3 hours and make sure that you reach the target.

Tip 4.

  • Orannize your study space
  • Study every day

Study atleast two subjects a day. Let one be a practical subject and other be a therory subject and while your are studying make sure that you understand the concepts, if not don’t sit idle go ask your lecturers and clear your doubts. Study as early as possible i.e study during the morning hours mind will be fresh and this is the best time to study.

Tip 5.

  • Plan your strategies

Smart work comes here, you have to ask yourself how do i write in the cs exam what points should i cover for particular question and then plan your strategies and also give more importance to practical subjects and also take necessary breaks when required.

Tip 6.

  • Amendments, Sections and case laws are extremely important.

You have to take a sheet of paper as i told note down the important Amendments, Sections and case laws.Memorize them and club it with your answers. This will definetly fetch you more marks.

Tip 7.

  • Present your answers well and don’t leave any question unattended.

Yes, presentation matters you have to highlight the important points and sections in the exam i.e underline it. And it is also important to attend for full 100 marks and also it is important to sit for complete 3 hours in the exam hall. This is going to help you in one way or another way.

Tip 8.

  • Don’t be very social

Avoid using facebook, snapchat, instagram or attending parties. Avoid such things as much as possible, it is just a matter of three to four months study well and clear your exam. You have give up few things in order to acheive somethings.

Tip 9.

  • Eat well and sleep well

Yes, you should eat nutritious food and sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours and also do some excercises or yoga so that for the whole day you will be active and one more point is do meditation about 10 to 15 minutes before you start studying so that your concentration power will increase.

Tip 10.

  • Be positive and stay motivated

I have seen students loosing hopes in such competitive exams instead keep telling yourself yes i can do it, yes i can do it and always stay motivative.

I hope this Company Secretary Tips  help you in clearing you exams.

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